Friday, 20 July 2012

Hungry and tired but a little bit thinner

I've been doing the healthy eating for over two weeks now, it's going well. I lost three pounds last week. I'm still logging my food into MyFitnessPal but I've given up trying to stick to 1200 calories, it's impossible, I've only managed it on one day - here's what I ate:

One slice of whole meal toast with one tablespoon of light Philadelphia
One medium banaana
Instant coffee with skimmed milk

Wholemeal pitta bread with 30g of Brie, one slice of honey roast ham
One apple

Two chicken thighs marinated in lemon juice, garlic, chicken broth
3 small roasted potatoes

2 custard creams

See, it's NOTHING. I was starving. I went to bed at 9pm because all I could think about was getting up and eating breakfast. So I've upped my limit to 1500 which is still hard, but better.

To complement the healthy eating regime, I've also started exercising. Well, I've been on one run, tonight actually. I'm using another free app for this called RunKeeper which was recommended to me by my friend Sarah. She is super fit and has lost a bunch of weight so I thought I'd give it a try.

So after James got home from work, I dug out my old trainers and my only sports bra, downloaded an album called Now That's What I Call Running (I'm a professional now see) and set off. I chose a 20 minute program and a nice lady told me to set off at a slow pace for five minutes as a warm up. I took "slow pace" to mean "walk" and head towards the park.

After five minutes, the lady is back telling me that for my first interval I should go at a "steady pace" for a minute. Except I need to cross the road - crap. I start jogging on the spot, out of the corner of my eye I see one of my neighbours and try to hide my already sweaty face. Desperate to get away I make a run for it and come frighteningly close to being squashed by a bus. The driver leans on his horn, my neighbour can barely contain his laughter and I run as fast as I can in the opposite direction.  So... going well so far.

However the rest of it is pretty straightforward. I run steady for a minute and then slow for one and a half minutes. Even so after ten minutes my lack of fitness is glaringly obvious and I can't believe I'm only halfway through. The longer it goes on, the more annoying I find the lady. As 20 minutes approaches I can't wait to stop running but the lady just comes back and tells me to go steady again. WTF? Turns out the first five minutes were just the warm up and don't count towards the 20 minute program! When it finally is over, I hobble home and do some half arsed stretches. I'm mortified by how difficult I've found it. The stats on the app show that I have run a measly 3.29km and burned 259 calories - which is less than one Mars Bar.

Anyway, it's a start and I will continue.

A quick word on what the kids have been up to this week. Joey has two front teeth! They are just poking through the gum and he's been suffering a bit at night with them but on the whole it's not been too painful. He does keep pulling this weird face where he sucks his bottom lip in and chews on it though...

And Finn has been perfecting his scooting skills, he can't turn or break or anything but I'm still really proud. He also tried to steal a cake from Ben Fogle's son, but that's a story for a different day.

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  1. 'That's what I call running' HA! This amused me. x